A Five Paw Resort To Pamper Your Pet

Our Goal is to provide our guest a home away from home where they will feel content, secure, peaceful and lavishly welcomed.
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Our premises

Considering the well-being of our guests, Guthrie's international resort offers clean comfortable lodging. Our state-of-the-art Facility offers the comfort of country living with 18 acres of land surrounding our Ranch. Our resort is built meticulously turned towards safety, cleanliness and comfort Easy listening music is played in our indoor accommodations. To reduce any stress and avoid fence fighting, all our lodging is separated by individual 8 foot walls. As part of their daily routine our k-9 guests are taken outside under supervision to exercise in our grassy mountain views play yard.


All our dog accommodations are cleaned and disinfected continuously, and we provide them with clean fresh bedding.


Our caring, knowledgeable staff will work together to provide the best possible service and most progressive and efficient pet health to your pets. We are ready to give you a tour of our premises and await the chance to receive our guest with lots of T.L.C.

Guthrie's K-9 Restaurant Menu

No Grain, No By-Products Our Menu includes: Roasted Quail, Roasted Duck & Smokey Turkey Roasted Bison & Venison Smoked & Fresh Salmon Fresh Ground Beef is served with all meals. Guthrie's also offers a large treat menu by Merrick which you can choose for your pet when our guest arrives. If your pet is on a special prescription diet please bring dated and pre measured in zip lock bags.


With your pet's relaxation, stress reduction and health in mind, Guthrie's offers Massages which increases circulation, reduces muscle tension, cramping and soreness; in addition it conditions the canine athlete and brings relief to dogs suffering from painful hip dysplasia, arthritis and backaches.


We offer top of the line grooming with our special Shampoos and conditioners. As the new coat comes in the old hair needs to be removed and washed. If the old dry hair remains on your pet’s skin soon they will be very uncomfortable and scratch and chew on themselves in result HOT SPOTS! Major loss of hair and discomfort to the dog If they are not groomed often.

Grooms are $90.00- $120.00 and up depending on condition of coat.

Boarding Requirements

We require that your pet be in good physical condition. We require veterinary proof of current Vaccinations prior to check in; Rabies, DHPP Bordetella (given 2 months before there stay) For the safety of all our guests, they will be examined at check in and if necessary pets will be treated at owners expense. There is additional charge for aggressive pets and escape artists.

Reservations and Cancellations

As with any quality Hotel, Guthrie's Ranch Pet Resort strongly encourages that you call ahead for reservations especially prior to major holidays and summer months. In the event that you should need to cancel your reservation, please give us a 48 hour notice to avoid a penalty charge.