About us

About us

Guthrie's International is known worldwide for our quality customer care and fine German Shepherds.

Families, Law Enforcement and Celebrities come to Guthrie’s for their German Shepherds. Happy customers return for their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th German Shepherds and continue to refer their family members and friends because of the exceptional experience they had at Guthrie International.

During the 30 plus years that Guthrie International has been training and breeding German Shepherds, Melanie Guthrie (our founder and owner) has experienced many milestones. Below are just a few of the highlights of Guthrie’s and Melanie’s career.


Melanie Guthrie

started training dogs of all breeds for obedience and tricks.

Started teaching dogs to protect her

from the bullies in the neighborhood. Her passion grew and when she experienced the power of a trained guard dog standing by your side ready for the command to protect her from harm.

Guthrie Dogs and Melanie performed

in many movies and T.V. commercials featuring whatever behavior the director called for. They performed in shows like High Chaparral; Little House on the Prairie; The young Pioneers; Jr. Bonner (Steve McQueen); Ghost Dance; The Cellar; and many others.

Started breeding

working dogs

Melanie selected and imported

all seven German Shepherds for the K-9 Cop "Jerry Lee"
Fun fact

Melanie's achievements

  • Melanie has imported over 300 European working dogs since 1981
  • Winner of countless awards with American Kennel Club
  • Several of our dogs over the years have saved lives of family’s and famous people
  • Many search and rescue missions with great success
  • Ms. Guthrie’s personal Dog “Spur” even saved her own life in a home invasion incident. What a special dog that touched many lives for 16 years. We lost our beloved Spur in 2007 Bless his soul. He lives in the many sons and daughters he produced. We are keeping his line alive with his Grandson Guthrie’s Fellow
  • Melanie continues to research and have ongoing education from the best in Europe.