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Itís that time of the year to remove your pets dry coat. As the new coat comes in the old hair needs to be removed and washed.

Grooms are $90.00- $120.00and up depending on condition of coat.

If the old dry hair remains on your pets skin so


Training Prices

Evaluations: $175.00

Lessons $90-$150

Basic obedience school 2 week min
$650-$800 per week

Advance obedience or behavior modification
$850.00 and up.


Guthrie's Dog's in Action

Our team of trainers have been working with a production crew on the perfect Guthrie reference training video with lots of training tips
Available for purchase


Service Dogs

We offer a tailored Canine Service training with the purchase of one of our qualified German Shepherds

*American Vet's are in need of service canines more now than ever not just for the injured but also for PTSD. The companionship of a well train


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