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Our fine imported German Shepherds have been hand picked from our special friends and top Breeders in Germany and The Netherlands where the German Shepherds purity has been very carefully protected and preserved by the worlds top Breeders and the S.V. Bloodlines have been documented for over a 100 years and top breeders are now using DNA to document and control any genetic fault, such as hips, elbows and spinal faults as well as temperament faults. Come and see the finest European German Shepherds at Guthrie's.

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Qualifications for our competition, family, and our top of the line German Shepherds:
Must be a good puzzle solver decisions need to be made quickly and appropriately
Strong sense of responsibility
Decisiveness (must act with sufficient force)
Courage (able to stand up to a threat and pain)
Capability Dog must have the mental and physical abilities to be a formidable opponent:
Reasonableness - accept your judgment and remain alert
Kind to the small and innocent and tough to danger and threats
A maniacal uncontrollable dog is not only dangerous he's useless!
What is the right dog for your needs...?
A puppy
A competition dog
A dog whose sole function is to give alarm
A family dog with obedience and basic protection training for the sense of security
A real man stopper for me and my family whose temperament and physical qualities make him a game and capable fighter for a serious situation

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