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Guthrie's International produces only the finest, quality German Shepherds. All of our dogs are tough enough to stop any assailant or intruder, yet gentle enough to be completely trusted around small children and elderly people. These dogs have been highly trained to sense people and know the difference between danger and innocence.

There is not a finer working dog than a good German Shepherd. Their temperament, physical ability, and wonderful coat equip them for all kinds of jobs in many places with different climates. Once you own one of our German Shepherds they will quickly become an integral part of your family!

"Purebred German Shepherds are lifelong loyal companions. They offer love and devotion and will protect you and bring happiness and joy to your family." -- Melanie Guthrie, Founder

Guthrie German Shepherds:

Our elite Guthrie Canine's are born and raised here at our Guthrie Ranch. A German Shepherd born here at Guthrie's has had a chance to be social with all kinds of animals such as, horses, farm animals, cats and other dogs. They respect them and no how to behave around them. They have grown up with several young children as a part of their life therefore in their eyes children are a special part of their lively hood and will be accepted and protected. These dogs are highly trained and obedient to any command.

A Guthrie Dog will give you peace of mind balance of a highly trained protection dog with obedient companionship. Guthrie German Shepherds provide an excellent deterrence. Canine hearing abilities pick up sounds earlier than you your neighbor or alarm systems.

Our Selection Process:

Our dogs must be the best of the best for us to consider breeding them. In choosing breeding pairs we very carefully pick each of the parents. We look at pedigrees as far back as we can to insure a perfect match. A good dog must have many qualities that go beyond looks to insure soundness. We pride ourselves on knowing the bloodlines of each individual dog not only the two you are going to breed but their family tree as well.

Here in the United States there are sadly many German Shepherds that have been poorly bred by inexperienced breeders. These German Shepherds are generally missing the exceptional keen agile and confident intelligence that our elite Guthrie German Shepherds display. There are indissoluble differences in the quality of dogs which cannot be minimized by training and environment.

Some poorly bred Shepherds may be stricken with shyness can be useless! Our careful selection process will not let you end up with a protection dog that would run from a gun shot. There is a current tendency to breed oversized Shepherds is resulting in unsoundness, clumsiness and short lives. Don't mistake size for quality!

Guthrie German Shepherds Average:

Height about 25 inches
Weight Females 65 to 80 lbs Males 85-92lbs

Guthrie's International

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Phone Number: (520) 886-1010